About CSI

Compressor Systems, Inc. is fundamentally a service-oriented company whose highly regarded reputation with our customers, suppliers, competitors, and shareholders is earned every day by the collective efforts of our dedicated and experienced employees. What we are is determined mostly by our employees.  CSI strives hard to retain capable, motivated and innovative individuals and then encourages them in many, many ways to learn, grow and expand their contributions to the success of our companies.CSI fabricates, sells, rents and services natural gas compressors through a variety of contractual, economic and relationship structures to a broad customer base.  CSI gas compressor packages feature principally Caterpillar and Waukesha engines with Ariel reciprocating compressors and Frick rotary screw compressors.  CSI has one of the nation’s largest compressor rental fleets, a vast and knowledgeable product support organization, extensive design and application engineering capabilities, a high-volume and experienced packaging operation and substantial capital resources.

In 1994 our Sales and Operations Team identified several low-pressure compression applications that needed a solution.  We formed a team to identify a technology that CSI could apply as a solution for our customers. This resulted in an opportunity to dominate this market niche by dedicating resources to research, develop, apply, package and technically support a superior rotary screw product. Rotary Compressor Systems, Inc. leads the industry in rotary screw compression by providing world-class packages that improve our customer’s operating efficiencies.